Structured Query Language

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16hrs of Instructor Led
Training /16PDU

16hrs of Instructor Led
Training /16PDU

16hrs of Instructor Led
Training /16PDU

Structured Query Language (SQL)

SQL or structured query language is a primary language and it is used to interact with databases. Combining two data documents and identify the specific data can be more time consuming and tough task. Using SQL queries we can easily identify the data. With SQL server 2016 there is more support for database.

In our SQL Server Course you can learn SQL server 2016 with advanced concepts. Our SQL Server Course is a practical based course which includes theory, practical examples as well as presentation. You can easily practice whatever you will learn in each and every section of SQL Server training. We have a 24×7 remote lab available for you to practice what you learn in entire SQL Server Course.

We offer a unique ‘1 week free’ trial SQL Server Course class, so you are welcome to try the class before you decide to enroll.


SQL is a short but a very beneficial course for Quality Assurance Testers and others in IT field. Learning SQL will give you imperative understanding of significant theoretical concepts that are closely relevant to all data storage systems used. SQL is used everywhere. Becoming an informed SQL user will help you make educated choices about what databases to utilize, how to handle data from back end, how data storage and systems work. It also gives you a more profound comprehension of huge numbers of the frameworks you work with as a software engineer and a Quality Assurance Tester who needs to perform system integration testing and back end testing. The course is taught in a short period of 4 weeks in a very dynamic class.
Basic knowledge of Computer

Week 1 Relational Database Basics

  • Introduction to SQL
  • Relationships between Rows and Columns
  • Data-types
  • Primary Keys
  • Foreign Keys
  • Introduction to Simple Select Queries
  • Selecting All Columns/Rows
  • Selecting Specific Column(s)
Week 2 Introduction to DDL

  • Create Table
  • Insert/Update Table
  • Delete/Drop/Trunc Table


  • Sorting Records
    • Sorting by Single Column
    • Sorting by Multiple Columns
    • Ascending and Descending Sorts
  • The WHERE Clause
    • Checking for Equality
    • Checking for Inequality
    • Checking for Greater or Less Than
    • Checking for NULL
    • Checking in Between
    • WHERE and ORDER BY
Week 3 Advanced SELECTS

  • The WHERE Clause and Wild Card
    • The LIKE Operator
    • % Wild Card
    • _ Wild Card
  • Checking Multiple Conditions
    • AND
    • OR
  • Aggregate Functions and Grouping
    • Aggregate Functions
    • Grouping Data
    • SELECTING Distinct Records
Week 4 Subqueries, Joins, and Unions

  • Subqueries
  • Using Joins
    • Inner Joins
    • Left Joins
    • Right Joins
    • Multi-table Joins

Q. Is IT background necessary for taking the course?
A. To qualify for the course, the student either needs to pass QA 101 course, or have 6 months
experience in QA field. For QA1o1 course however, there are no Pre-requisites

Q. What is the duration of the course?
A. The course is 8 classes long. Weekend classes only

Q. What is the price for QA course?
A. The price for QA course is $800.

Q. Can I take 1 on 1 class?
A. Yes, and the price of 1 on 1 class will be $1500 and it will be 6 classes long as is it private and we will finish the course early.

Q. What is the timing for Classes?
A. QA 102 classes are held every Saturday, from 12 pm to 2 pm. Every new Session orientation is held on
Saturdays, 12 pm to 2 pm.

Q. What subjects does the class cover?
A. The course covers all subject matters required to become a QA tester

Q. Is there any certification given after the course ends?
A. The institute does not provide certification for the course

Q. Does IT Interns offer Job Placements after the course?
A. The top students are referred for jobs by IT Interns instructors in some of the top companies in Chicago, most of who have got the jobs and have a great career. However, the institute doesn’t offer direct placements.

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